SUZUKI menyapu bersih podium seri pembuka kejuaraan MXGP 2015

SUZUKI dengan SUZUKI RM-Z450 kembali membuktikan kehebatan dan kehandalan motornya dalam ajang World MXGP seri 1 di Hawkstone Park International Motocross, Inggris hari minggu kemarin (8/2), dengan ketiga pembalapnya antara lain : 1. Kevin Strijbos, 2. Clement Desalle dan 3. Glenn Coldenhoff SUZUKI menyapu bersih semua podium.

Sebenarnya keberhasilan ini sudah terlihat sejak sesi latihan, kualifikasi dan pertarungan di 3 race (Race1, race 2 dan Super Final race). Kevin Strijbos menyapu bersih posisi podium satu, disusul dengan Clement Desalle yang juga menyapu bersih podium 2 dalam 3 race, dan untuk Glenn Coldenhoff yang hanya ada diposisi 4-3-5 dalam ketiga race, menurut bang admin sudah lumayan, karean Glenn Coldenhoff baru pertama kali mengikuti MXGP setelah naik kelas dari MX2.

Dan ini komentar dari sang pembalap :

Kevin Strijbos
“I went to the race without expecting too much as I had been a bit sick the last week and didn’t ride much in the sand after I got back from training in the US. It was always a bit difficult in the beginning of the races, but I gained momentum as the races went on and this turned out good. I’m stoked for the team to have such a good start to the season and I’m looking forward to the next races!” 

Clement Desalle
“It was a good day; a bit cold in the morning but good in the afternoon. I’m not such a big fan of the start on the concrete at Hawkstone, but still did ok in the race with three second-places. Strijbos was pretty-strong in the sand here, but I didn’t lose too-much time there either. The racing was good - and there were no crashes - so it’s been a good training race!” 

Glenn Coldenhoff
“I got good starts in the races, but went-in a bit-too aggressive. The consequences were that I almost immediately got arm-pump, that didn’t really go away in any of the heats. I had to slow down, but still had a good finish. In the Superfinal I had a bad start when someone took my line, but like (Shaun) Simpson I rode through the pack and put-in great effort in the last two laps and managed to pass him. So all-in-all, I’m quite happy with the result!” 

Hasil balapan :
Race 1: 
Juara 1. Kevin Strijbos (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)
Juara 2 Clement Desalle (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)
Juara 3 Shaun Simpson, 
Juara 4 Glenn Coldenhoff (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)

Race 2: 
Juara 1 Kevin Strijbos (Rockstar Energy Suzuki),
Juara 2 Clement Desalle (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)
Juara 3 Glenn Coldenhoff (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)
Juara 4 Simpson. 

Juara 1 Kevin Strijbos (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)
Juara 2 Clement Desalle (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)
Juara 3 Jordi Tixier, 
Juara 5 Glenn Coldenhoff (Rockstar Energy Suzuki)